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1. Be transparent

Every staff member in your practice contributes to your treatment plan acceptance rate. Why not get everyone on board with the goal to increase it? Share your current Tx plan acceptance rate with your admin team. They will appreciate this level of inclusion and be inspired to work towards a common goal.  


Once you have your current rate, put a stake in the ground for what you would like to increase it by. Other practices have made goals of increasing case acceptance by 20-30%.  This usually means roughly 1 out of 10 people who would have said “no”, say “yes.” Remember what we learned in Step 1: remain transparent with the numbers. Consider a weekly report on how the team is doing against goal. Awarding prizes or accolades for hitting particular milestones is always a great motivator, as well. 



This is where you can really make a difference at your practice. Ensuring your staff has access to certain sales and educational tools will greatly increase your their likelihood of achieving the case acceptance goal you've set. There are a lot of resources and tools out there. How do you know which are worth your time? Here are 2 that you can easily add to your playbook, at no cost to your practice:

THE SALES TOOL: Consider the most common reason a patient fails to proceed with treatment: financial concern. Easy fix! Arm your staff with the most effective sales tool there is: affordability. With a payment management tool like CareCap, a patient that would otherwise be faced with the affordability question is able to say “yes” to the treatment you are proposing, with manageable monthly payments. 

 THE EDUCATIONAL TOOL: Want to ensure your staff is staying informed about innovative trends and tools like CareCap? Encourage them to join associations like AADOM, The Association of Dental Office Managers. An AADOM membership means access to one of the most powerful networks of dental office managers in the country. Members can network with peers facing the same challenges every day, exchange ideas and gain support from a community of some of the most talented professionals in the industry. 

SPECIAL OFFER: $199 Quickstart Package, free of charge Our Quickstart package is designed to help you put a game plan together to increase your treatment Plan acceptance rate. With no subscription fees, CareCap is your risk free way to GROW YOUR PRACTICE. use promo code AADOMENEWS15