Car Care with CareCap

Car Care with CareCap

Let’s be honest: I don’t drive well. I dislike driving and cars, and directions. However, I drive every day so taking care of my car is non-negotiable. When you are on the road for an extended period of time, you need the peace of mind knowing your tires are full, engine is humming and oil is good to go.

Cars are expensive to maintain. Especially when you know very little about them. How can you be sure you aren’t being taken for a ride? (Pun intended). As an automotive dealer, how do you mitigate the anxiety that often surrounds a consumer in need of repair work? Do people refuse repair orders because they are intimidated by cost? Eliminate the all-too-familiar, “I need to think about it”.

3 New Year Predictions

It's the time of year when everyone is making predictions, so we thought we would throw our hat in the ring and predict a few things of our own. 1. Health care costs will only continue to rise, inhibiting patients' ability to pay for healthcare procedures.

There are several factors that have contributed to our prediction. According to certain studies, healthcare costs will reach 4.8 trillion dollars in 2021. Up from 2.6 trillion in 2010. With the price of healthcare reaching an all-time high, people will have to make tough choices about care. Do we replace that crown or do we go to physical therapy for our knee pain? Both hurt. Both need to be treated but the cost is prohibitive.

Another piece of the puzzle is an aging populous. The baby boomer age is entering retirement and sadly that badge of honor comes with expected and some not-so-expected healthcare costs.

This prediction will have consumers and business owners asking questions. How can we save as consumers so that we can get the treatment we need? As a business owner, how can you help your employees pay for insurance? How can you take insurance from clients without undercutting your business?

2. Cavities and dental work will reach an all-time high but not all the demand will be billable.

We predict more cavities, more root canals and more braces. Why? Well, sugar consumption is at an all-time high. And as we all know, sugar causes cavities. But sugary foods aside, there are many dental procedures that people will be getting and 2015 is the year for it! With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, adults and children will have increased access to dental care through Medicaid. This means more practices will have to negotiate insurance and coverage with patients that may not be able to afford the coverage otherwise. Medicaid coverage will be limited and the patient's needs might exceed the coverage provided. How will dental practices handle the influx of new patients while still affording the best possible care? Stay tuned for updates on this prediction as it progresses in 2015.

Selfies, snapchat, pouty lips, the list goes on and on. People are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves. Even more importantly, they love when those pictures make them look fabulous. What happens when the Instagram filter option isn’t enough for you? Cosmetic surgery. All the stars are doing it?! We have to admit that we think self-esteem comes from the inside, BUT looking good on the outside certainly doesn’t hurt.

We predict more people will be searching for the perfect nose, Angelina Jolie lips and don’t forget erasing stress lines. What does that mean for the cosmetic surgery industry? Take your vacations now Doctor, you are going to be booked.


These predictions will have consumers and business owners asking questions. How can we save as consumers so that we can get the treatment we need? As a business owner, how can you help your employees pay for insurance? How can you take insurance from patients without undercutting your business? …Stay tuned here as we explore how the businesses we work with have decided to embrace change as a way to help their clients while growing their business. SO there you have it. A few of CareCap’s predictions for 2015. Have some predictions of your own? Did we get it wrong? Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or comment on the blog to let us know!

With CareCap, I Get the Care I Need

AVONMy name is Avon and I’m a 10-week-old English bulldog puppy. Today has been a very big day for me and for my owner: I had my first trip to the vet and he got to pay his first vet bill. Thanks to a referral from my breeder, my owner chose a vet across town that specializes in English bulldogs. I was a little scared at first because I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when I arrived, the vet staff and other pet owners in the waiting room seemed very excited to see me. Everything started out on a good note.

It did get a little scary when they took me back to the exam room. But my owner came with me so I didn’t cry. The veterinary assistant took my temperature (nobody warned me about that part, yikes!), weighed me, checked my coat, asked my owner about my diet, examined my ears, used a funny instrument to check my heartbeat, looked at my belly, my eyes, my paws, and inside my mouth. Then she poked me with something sharp that had medicine in it that she said would help keep me healthy. Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

But then it was time to pay and suddenly, my owner seemed even more scared than I had been coming in. The lady at the front desk talked with him for a while about something called “wellness plans”. She told him about all the things I would need in my first year to keep me healthy. She used a lot of words I didn’t understand, like “vaccination”, “deworming”, “microchip”, and “neuter”.  My owner agreed with the woman that they were all very important, but he still seemed hesitant because he hadn’t budgeted for so many treatments. He was somewhat relieved when she told him he could bundle them all together and save 10%. But then… she told him the total price of the bundle was over $700. He looked even more shocked than I was when they took my temperature! I could tell he didn’t want to refuse any of these important parts of my care, but he knew he couldn’t afford an unexpected $700 bill. He told the lady he would need to think about it and we got ready to leave.

That’s when she suggested, “You know, we do offer in-house payment plans through a company called CareCap. This would make your puppy’s wellness plan a lot more affordable.” She showed him how his bill would break down over a period of 3, 6, or 9 months, explaining that his management fee would be only 1% of his monthly carried balance. He decided on a 6-month plan that would put him closer to $100 a month and willingly handed over his credit card.  She set us up with a CareCap plan in a matter of minutes and we were on our way.

Going into this experience, I was the scared one. Not knowing what to expect is a very frightening thing. Now that I know what a vet visit is like, it’s not so scary at all. It was in fact my owner that almost had a heart attack when that bill was slid across the counter. That is, until CareCap was offered. Now we can both go back to the vet not only knowing what care to expect, but with the confidence that CareCap can make that care affordable.

August ‘14 Release: Electronic Invoicing

At CareCap, our goal is to provide value to your business by making the payment process as easy as possible, both for you and for your clients. On August 3rd, we released new functionality to support the need for Electronic Invoicing with online payments.

Release Highlights

Electronic Invoicing was built to support the following scenario:

Service Providers, medical and dental offices regularly mail paper statements or invoices to their clients & patients. Statements are used to collect the entire amount due for services after down payments or after insurance settlements have been applied.

Mailing traditional paper statements is not only expensive and time-consuming, they are slow to reach clients and inconvenient to pay once received. Clients open the paper invoice and set it aside to be dealt with later. Then there is the challenge of tracking which customers have paid and sending reminders to those who have not. CareCap’s Electronic Invoicing capability was designed to automate this process, making it easy for you, your clients or your patients.

Electronic Invoicing with Online Payments

CareCap Invoices include the following benefits:

  • Create the Electronic Invoice - Sending electronic invoices using the CareCap portal is as simple as selecting “Email Contract or Invoice” when setting up an Account.
  • Invoices are delivered via email - Patients receive their invoices instantly, which means your practice gets paid sooner.
  • Online Payment- Patients conveniently pay online with either a credit card, debit card or bank account.
  • Automated Reminder Emails - CareCap sends reminder emails to your patients until they pay. This means reduced collection calls, fewer overdue accounts, and less paperwork.
  • Reporting- All transactions and reporting happens online. Quickly look at your portal to see who has paid.
  • Inexpensive- The patient pays no fees on the transaction and your office only pays merchant processing*

*Merchant processing = 3%

User Interface Changes

There are a few changes to the user interface of the portal as well:

  • On the Account Search Screen (Home Page), the Available Credit and Credit Line columns have been removed for simplicity.
  • When adding a contract, there are now three options: Payment Plan, Invoice and Pay Now. Click between the three options to quickly choose the best payment method for your customer
  • When setting up the Unit Price and Number of Units for a Procedure, the Number of Units field now accepts fractional entries (i.e. entering 0.5 would denote half of a unit and therefore cut the price in half).
  • We have included a Pay Now option that allows you to make payments in real time instead of setting up a payment plan or emailing an invoice. This can be used to take payments over the phone or to keep a payment method on file for customers that have frequent transactions.

To learn more or if you have specific questions related to the release, please contact your Customer Success Manager.