[Employee Spotlight] Johannah Brown

Meet Johannah, the voice of CareCap. You may have already chatted with her via the website or perhaps the phone when you have CareCap questions. This is a chance to get to know her and CareCap a little better. If you could pick one superhero who would it be?

Captain America, I love America! #merica

What is your favorite food? I mean besides the break room Twinkies, Hershey bars, and Ding Dongs?

Pizza. And I recently discovered I love shrimp and crab… but not on pizza, to be clear.

I know you love being at CareCap, but if you weren’t sitting in your swivel chair dreaming of payment plans, what would be your dream vacation?

I’d love to be somewhere in Montana, riding horses and in open-air. It’s exciting to be working in the city, but I definitely need time to get away and be in nature. I also love camo and shooting my compound bow. I don’t hunt yet, but hope to get my hunting license within the next few months. SO I guess you could say a safari to Montana.

Everyone has at least one quirky workplace habit…what is yours?

I don’t like working in my cubicle, so I steal a conference room to make my calls. It’s the best room in the office with lots of windows and looks into a nice woodsy area in Bellevue. Don’t get me wrong, I have a desk I just enjoy being a work nomad.

Best thing about workjohannahatdesking at CareCap?

Our varied ages and experiences. I feel so lucky to work at a place with so many experienced individuals. We all have unique skill sets including, but not limited to: Ping-Pong masters, crepe connoisseurs and aspiring ice sculptors.

Now that you know Johannah a little bit better, give her a call about CareCap! She is the bright, cheerful voice at the other end of the phone. She loves CareCap….check us out…and you just might find you love us too!