Traditional collections has a a last resort

Business who use CareCap to collect past due receivables and bad debt prior to using traditional collections are seeing higher collection rates, at a lower cost to collect and are able to maintain their relationships with clients.  It doesn't cost anything to try to collect with CareCap since fees are only paid when payments are made. If CareCap doesn't work, you'll still have traditional collections as an option, so why not give it a try.  

Why CareCap before Traditional Collections

Collect More

We've had clients collect up to 95% of their bad debt.  By utilizing our automated notification & reminders combined with flexible payment options, people are better able to get back in good standing.

Protect Relationships

Traditional collections methods can include tactics that ruin your relationships with clients. Clients appreciate that you are offering a friendlier alternative, this creates strong bonds and lasting client relationships.


Lower Fees

CareCap fees can be up to 12 times lower than traditional collections agencies.  You simply pay a 3% merchant fee, only when payments are collected.  If payments aren't collected, you pay nothing.


CareCap is the perfect solution for handling A/R without involving a collections agency. After sending letters offering CareCap, 21 of 22 patients signed up up to pay off their balances, representing 98% of the amount we were pursuing.
— Dr. Dave Richardson, Kirkland Dentistry

How collections with CareCap works

CareCap offers a friendly, but effective approach to collections


Talk to a consultant

Let us help, understanding how CareCap fits into your AR and collections process is as simple as a few steps and hitting "send". Talk to our consultants about your AR process, bad debt or collections needs and they can share best practices to help make it easy.   

CareCap Fees are Simple


If you choose to offer a payment plan, your client pays a 1% Monthly Management Fee on their outstanding balance.


You pay a fixed 3% Merchant Fee on each payment collected.  This fee covers all bank and credit fees incurred on your behalf.