When a potential client comes to you they want or maybe even need, you services.  Budget can often be the barrier between your clients getting what they need and you growing your business.  With customized payment options, clients aren’t forced to limit choices based on budget. Give them a way to say "yes" with CareCap.

CareCap supports all types of service providers with the tools to offer customized payment options, examples include:

  • Home & Construction
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Automotive Repair
  • Landscaping
  • Architecture

Grow Your Business

Offering payment plans fit to clients increases the number of people saying "yes" to your services. The client need to compromise is also reduced, increasing the value of each client. 

Happier Clients

Your clients thank you for working to meet the needs of their financial situation.  This dramatically improves the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

Save Time

CareCap automates the payment process so your office team doesn't have to chase payments.  With CareCap reminders, fewer payments are missed decreasing hassles related to past due AR.

CareCap frees up my time and energy for what I’m supposed to be doing, providing services to my clients. CareCap gives me an edge by allowing me to offer clients the flexibility of payments that are more conducive to how many of my clients manage their budget.
— Darren Kelly, ARCHITECT

Learn How CareCap Impacted Derma Medical Spa

CareCap conducted an interview with Dr. Bessie McCann, board certified physician and owner of Derma Medical Spa.  The following questions were addressed:

  • What problems were you looking to solve?
  • Why CareCap?
  • What results did you see?

To learn Dr. McCann's answers, watch our recorded webcast.