By the time you see a client, they have already made the tough decisions related to seeking treatment with the last barrier often being cost.  By offering payment plans with CareCap, cosmetic surgeons and medical aestheticians are seeing more clients say "yes" and eliminating the compromises often made to fit a treatment within a budget.  This leads to practice growth, less administrative stress & expense, and happier long-term client relationships. There is no cost to offer payment plans through CareCap. If doing so results in the ability to help just one more person obtain the image they want, then why not? It’s that simple.

Benefits to Your Pratice

Grow Your Business

Offering payment plans custom fit to your clients significantly give them a way to say "yes" to the treatments they want.  And eliminates compromises related to budget.

Happier Clients

In-house options fit to your clients show you care.  This leads to happier clients, longer term relationships and the opportunity to provide more services.


Save Time

CareCap automates the payment process. And customized payments decrease past due AR hassles.  Get back more time to focus on your business. 


No third party financing

Offering CareCap eliminates the need for third party financing, saving you time and money.  And the headaches of third parties declining clients.

I hit a dead-end when researching services for my clients related to short-term loans/financing, that is...until I met CareCap. I am honored to recommend CareCap and look forward to many years of collaboration.

Learn How CareCap Impacted Derma Medical Spa

CareCap conducted an interview with Dr. Bessie McCann, board certified physician and owner of Derma Medical Spa.  The following questions were addressed:

  • What problems were you looking to solve?
  • Why CareCap?
  • What results did you see?

To learn Dr. McCann's answers, watch our recorded webcast.