When patients want or need care, but don’t have cash or credit available, they often decline service. By offering payment plans with CareCap, dentists are seeing higher case acceptance rates, growing their practices, removing administrative stress & expense, and building stronger patient relationships. There is no cost to offer payment plans through CareCap. If doing so results in the ability to provide care to just one more patient, that means improving your bottom line and increasing patient satisfaction. It’s that simple.

Benefits to Your Pratice

Grow Your Business

Offering payment plans custom fit to your patients significantly increases case acceptance.  

Increase Patient Satisfaction

In-house options fit to your patients show you care.  This leads to happier patients and longer term relationships.


Save Time

CareCap automates the payment process. And customized payments decrease past due AR hassles. 


No third party financing

Offering CareCap eliminates the need for third party financing, saving you time and money.

What we hear most often is that some of our patients need help bridging the gap between what insurance pays and what is due for a procedure. After careful consideration of the payment partners available, we chose CareCap. CareCap is more affordable for the patient and more profitable for us it’s a true win/win.

Webinar: The Power to Grow a Practice

Learn how Kirkland Dentistry grew their practice, collected past due AR and improved patient relationships by offering customized payment options to their patients.  

Duration: 30 minutes 

To learn how Kirkland Dentistry used payment plans to grow their practice, watch our recorded interview with Dr. Dave Richardson.