+ What is the deal with the picture of the pug?

Our web designer just really wanted to figure out a way to use it on our site. And we all really liked it.

+ What if my provider doesn't offer payment plans?

If your provider doesn't already offer payment plans, we are here to help. Complete our "Refer Your Provider" form and we'll reach out to them and let them know you would like a payment plan and explain CareCap to them.

+ Who do I contact if I have questions about my CareCap account?

For any questions related to payments, payment terms and adjustments to payments, please contact your provider directly. CareCap does not have the authority to make adjustments to payments without the consent of the provider.

For questions related to how to use your CareCap portal, email or call us at 888.992.8889

+ What finance charges apply to my CareCap payments?

On payment plans, you will see a 1% monthly management fee applied to your remaining balance - this is equivalent to a 12% APR. There are no penalties for paying off payment plans early and there are no management fees on e-Invoices.

+ Does CareCap impact my credit?

CareCap manages a payment relationship directly between you and your service provider. Credit checks are not required, balances don't appear on credit reports and there is no impact to your credit.

+ Where can I find my outstanding balance?

Use the "Login" button in the upper right side of this website to login and view your outstanding balance. Once logged in, you can also view your payment history, make additional payments, update payment information and access other features in your CareCap portal.

+ What if I want to pay off a payment plan early?

There are no penalties for paying off payment plans early. In fact, we encourage you to do so when convenient and have made it easy, simply log into your CareCap account and click the "Make Additional Payment" button and follow the steps. You can pay off the entire amount or just an additional portion.

+ Can I add additional services to my CareCap account?

If you would like to add additional services to an existing payment plan, let your provider know and you can work together to determine the payment option that will work best for you. Together you can decide to add new services to existing payment plans or create additional payment plans for new services, whichever works best.

+ Can I use my CareCap account for more than one provider?

Your CareCap account will work with and help you to manage you payments with any service providers, of any type, in the CareCap network. If your service provider doesn't already offer CareCap payment options, let us know and we'll contact them for you.

+ What if I can't make a payment?

If you have concerns with a scheduled payment, contact your provider and explain your situation, it is up to your provider on what they can or can't do to adjust payments. CareCap doesn't have the authority to change payments without the consent of the provider.

+ What if I want to change my payment method, or my credit card expires?

Simply log into your CareCap portal. Go to the setting tab and select "Financial Information" icon. Here you can add payment methods and select which is primary, meaning the payment method on file that will be used. When adding a payment method, be sure to set it as the primary method if that is the one you would like used.