Offering families payment plans help them and your business

Managing costs can be challenging for families during an already challenging time.  To be forced to make compromises on services because of cost can lead to guilt and regret. Help families provide the services they have envisioned by offering customized payment options.  Helping your families builds lasting relationships and results further growing your business. 

Your Families & Your Business Benefit


Grow Your Business

Offering payment plans to families help them avoid compromise and increase the avg value per call. Help them get the services they have envisioned for loved ones.


Build Relationships

Your business may depend on the long term relationships you maintain with families.  Helping to make services affordable strengthens those relationships.



Collect Bad Debt

Our clients have offered payment plans to past due families and have been able to collect more money while maintaining their reputation within families.


The Washington State Funeral Directors Association is a non-profit trade association founded in 1901. The goal of this Association is to represent the best interests of funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories and all of the funeral professionals and the suppliers who provide products and services to enhance their businesses. CareCap and the WSFDA have partnered to continue their mission in providing support and innovative solutions to their association members.