When patients have access to the care they need and want, medical practices thrive. Case acceptance rates improve and more time is spent profitably delivering care.

CareCap supports all medical specialties with the tools to offer customized payment options:

  • Major Healthcare
  • Large & Rural Clinics
  • General Medicine
  • Specialty Practices
  • Vision & Opthalmology
  • Cosmetic & Plastic surgery
  • Chiropractic care or physical therapy
  • And many more

Grow Your Practice

Increase Case Acceptance

Offer your patients a payment plan for the patient responsible portion and give them a way to say "yes" to services, creating a more profitable practice.

Reduce Past Due Accounts

By  offering patients a payment option they can afford at the time of service, CareCap enabled practices are seeing a dramatic reduction in past due accounts.

Create a Happier Staff

Make your team into heros by allowing them to change the payment conversation to a positive one. Eliminate the hassle of manual billing and go electronic.  

There’s a saying, He who serves, leads. I believe CareCap will lead the industry in healthcare monthly payment plans through their unique servicing model. Their approach is rooted in compassion and the result is affordable access to care that treats the patient with dignity and allows the doctor to be more successful. I hope CareCap has the satisfaction of knowing they genuinely helped me by making it possible to get the care I needed. I am a big fan of CareCap!

Learn How CareCap Impacted Derma Medical Spa

CareCap conducted an interview with Dr. Bessie McCann, board certified physician and owner of Derma Medical Spa.  The following questions were addressed:

  • What problems were you looking to solve?
  • Why CareCap?
  • What results did you see?

To learn Dr. McCann's answers, watch our recorded webcast.