Your vet can custom-fit a CareCap payment plan to your budget to ensure your pet gets the care they need in a way you can afford.

Customized to fit your need

  • No credit impact
  • Terms adjustable to meet your budget
  • Easy electronic payments
  • No hidden fees
  • Ensure your pet gets the care they need

Fees are simple


You pay a 1% monthly management fee on the outstanding balance.



Call Your Vet

Ask them if they offer payment plans.


If they don't... it's time to take action!

Signing up for CareCap is a great idea for your vet and the pets & pet owners (like you!) that they serve. It will not cost your vet anything to sign up and offer you a payment plan. Why not help them get started?

There are 2 ways for you to share CareCap with your vet:

  1. Direct them to


  1. Click here to download an informative flier that you can email or print and hand-deliver to your vet.



Customize your payment plan

Once your vet has agreed that CareCap is a good fit for their practice, your CareCap payment plan can be customized to meet your budget. Together with your vet, determine how much you can afford to pay monthly and agree to the terms. 

Payments are automatic

From there, payments are automated to make your life easy.  Your payment plan can be managed directly from your own CareCap portal