Work with CareCap so all pets can get care

Economic euthanasia is a horrible thing when a pets life could be saved.  Cost is often a barrier to pet owners getting their animals out of the shelter.  Offer pet owners a payment plan so that they can afford to pay shelter fees.  In-house payment plans are easy and help you help more pets get home.

Benefits to Your Shelter

Help More Pets

Offering payment plans makes it possible for everyone to afford shelter fees.  Help your community save more pets.

Reduce Euthanasia Rates

In-house payment plans help pets remain with owners and facilitate more placements.  


Save Time

CareCap automates the payment process and removes the administrative cost and hassle of managing payment plans.


No third party financing

Offering CareCap eliminates the need for client credit availability.

About 80% of our clients have financial needs that are not met by insurance or third party financing. That leaves an enormous number of people that are so grateful that we offer CareCap as an option they can turn to at our practice. We have received more positive results and income from CareCap in 90 days, than we have in years of offering other financial options.
— Nyla, Veterinary Technician, Broadway Veterinary Hospital

CareCap features

CareCap is built with goal of making payments simple.  To do so requires a number of well thought out features designed by our experts and with the feedback from the businesses who offer CareCap

  • Hardwareless Virtual Terminal
  • Automated Reminders
  • Payment & Deposit Reporting
  • Collections & Past Due
  • Payment Processing - Credit or Debit
  • Payment Plans
  • e-Invoicing 
  • Pay Now /  In-person Payments

CareCap fees are simple 


CareCap collects your customary Merchant Processing Fees on each payment received, covering all bank and credit fees incurred on your behalf.


Pet owners pay a 1% Monthly Management Fee on their outstanding balance for payment plans.

There are no set-up fees and no subscription fees.  CareCap truly is risk free.