When pets need care, but their owners don’t have cash or credit available, they often go without the treatments they need. By offering payment plans, veterinarians are able to treat more pets, grow their practices, remove administrative stress & expense, and build stronger relationships with pet owners. There is no cost to offer payment plans through CareCap. If doing so results in the ability to provide care to just one more animal, that means improving the life of that animal, the pet owner and helps you grow your practice. It’s that simple.

Benefits to Your Pratice

Grow Your Business

Offering payment plans custom fit to to make pet care affordable to your pet owners  significantly increases treatment acceptance.  

Increase Loyalty

In-house options fit to your pet owners show you care.  This leads to happier pet owners and longer term relationships.


Save Time

CareCap automates the payment process. And customized payments decrease past due AR hassles. 


No third party financing

Offering CareCap eliminates the need for third party financing, saving you time and money.

CareCap is an excellent solution for veterinarians…. CareCap is a straight forward system that can help practitioners extend credit to finance procedures and collect accounts receivables without adding any cost, burden or confusion to staff. I believe it is worth your time to take a look.
— Rick DeBowes DVM, MS, DACVS